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Again? This is okay, but only when when you have an active data connection. Does anyone know of one that works through SMS?


This is an EXTREMELY useful program. If for no other reason, if you lose your phone around the house, you can set off an alarm and find it (whether or not the ringer is on or off). I also learned that the most frequent place I leave my phone is in the bathroom. Whodathunk.


@subrec - yes, there's an app called "Where's My Droid?" which will cause your phone to ring when a keyphrase is texted to it.


@subrec Last time I tried out SeekDroid, it had an SMS option.


@subrec it doesn't work through SMS like some other programs, it works through Google Push (and no I'm not sure what that is exactly.)


I've heard that this app is a little sketchy since all of your data is stored and controlled via their website. All of the features work as advertised, but site admins also have access to your information and features on your phone (such as wiping your phone and card,viewing your location, etc.) Not necessarily a bad thing, since the service is reputable, but nonetheless something to think about if the site were ever to be compromised.


Awesome app. Lacks a few features, but has already helped me find my phone. I emailed the dev asking if they could include the ability to take a pic remotely from the online tool and send it so I can see the location of the phone. Said they were looking into that.


@morphinehigh: All your data is not stored on their site. You can retrieve call logs and the location of your phone via GPS. I use a data usage monitoring app on my phone and hardly makes a dent in my usage so it's highly unlikely they are uploading any useful data from my phone.


@avrus96: Thank you very much! I'll definitely look into that. This app works great for finding my son's lost phone when it's in the house, and on WiFi, but I'm not paying for a data plan for this is less than useful when he leaves his phone on the school bus. :)

However, I do recommend it if you do have a full time data plan. Works as advertised and it's free too (today anyway)!


@synapses11: lol sounds neat but you'd be more than likely to get a picture of the inside of a pocket, a table, or the floor :-)

But yeah I love having this app. Tested it while it sat next to me on my desk and after a minute, the Google map it pulled up put a placemark about 5 feet to my left outside my window. Also, thankfully, my least used app now and hope to keep it that way!


Amazon is apparently recycling free apps because this one was the free app of the day a while back.


@jsheahawk: ya, I think there was a woot post 5-6 months ago for it...


The day I lose my android phone will honestly be a good day.


@kz585: Yes it will! Then you can buy a Windows Phone!!! :)


This program is AMAZING! First thing I downloaded on my new phone :)

Thanks OP!


The deal is dead, the deal was only good Sunday, Sept 4 2011