dealsdiablo iii standard edition pc / mac gameā€¦


Does this require a disc to run or is it basically the same thing as the download version?


@redgiant: I'm really not sure.. I've played since release day w/ D3:CE but I havent ever taken the disc out of the disc drive since installation lol.. =D

However this was a fantastic game pre-1.0.3... Now the game has started to go downhill (very fast).. I still have hopes for the games, and I wont be giving up as I took all 5 classes to max level (60) all with t2-t3 inferno gear..

I just expected more from D3 after waiting 12 years ... (a lot more)


@redgiant: It does not require a disk to play. The disk is just the install files. Saves you download time, but you have to wait for it to ship.


I'd recommend saving your money. Yes the lemmings are all over this one, but as someone that played D1 and D2 plus all the expansion packs, I have to say that it has some real negatives. Yes the essential gameplay is there, but you have to play online, even for single player which is really stupid. If you don't have an Internet connection or your Internet connection goes down, you can't play the game that you bought. People are fools to put up with crap like this. Second, the online store ruins much of the rest of the game. Basically Blizzard is turning all the player into sweatshop employees where Blizzard takes their 15% cut TWICE.

My advice is avoid it and get Torchlight 2 when it comes out. Blizzard is basically ass-raping their customers coming and going and most are willingly putting up with it.

I regret having bought it.


@whoster69: Amen!
I refuse to buy any more games on a DVD that require a Steam account.
Just to play a single player game you have to connect to Steam!
Not to mention all the suckers that will try buying this used on ebay / craigslist, just to find out they can't play it because it's already registered to someone else on Steam!

Great way to ruin the franchise Blizzard!


Wait, what? Diablo 3 does not require a Steam account. It does require that you are online, but that is because it has in-game auction house and gold sales. And while I agree that the lack of an on-line single-player mode is a bit of a loss, it is also very old-school. Heck, I remember playing D2, with my wife, online together, just so that any n00b that got into game would see 2 LPBs, flirting in chat.

That said, I am enjoying the game immensely. Getting the digital download is, IMO, better than waiting for disks, unless you purchase the Collector's Edition, with all the bonus stuff. Download speeds weren't too horrible, I could register the game with my Battle.Net account, and I can play it on any system I have. Besides, with the disks, you'd still have to patch before you could play. Blizzard has gotten better about staging the patches, so it's not too bad at all.


Be aware with the digital download there is some sort of 3 day waiting period with using the AH and some people have had problems progressing past trial account levels until that 3 days was up.

That said, HUGE D1/D2 fan, pretty disappointed, especially after 12 years of waiting.