dealslock & lock 20 piece round storage set for $15.00


I won these in a BOC and they are amazing. I like the locking tabs and they're a real quality set of food storage containers. They stack easily and don't really get stuck to each other. I don't really need more though, otherwise I might pick these up.


I got these last time they were offered as well, and LOVE THEM. I literally have not used a single one for food yet, but they are fantastic for storing little teeny things.

My only complaint with the set Woot offered (and possibly this set) is that there are too many small ones. I was hoping for larger ones. I did notice, however, that JCPenney has the 16 piece "mega" set also on sale for $22, and the JCPSHIP code works for it too. Just FYI.


I'm not sure about this brand, but from my experience, every container I ever have with these stupid little locks have broken off, rendering them useless after that. It seems like every container company is moving in this direction so that when they break, you have to buy new ones. I got the simple green plastic containers off of Woot over 2 years ago and I'm still using them vs. "lock" containers that I bought less than 6 months ago that I have already thrown away. Again, I can't say that this brand is just as bad, but seems to me if companies make quality items, then they can't sell you more of them 3 months down the road.


The ship-to-store option is a nice tip but it costs more than $8 to drive to my local JCP.

I have the rectangular and square stacking sets. They are excellent quality, and I've had no issues with tabs breaking off. The instructions warn to unlock the lid for microwaving, and to allow the lid to heat up a little before taking it off if the container has been frozen.


@gtothreg: This brand rocks, IMHO. Have used them for several years and the only reason I've had to toss any piece is that the dogs chewed the lid(s). Exceptional product.

Having said that, the older ones I own did get "chewed" from heating in a microwave, and discolored. The newer ones do not, so they say, but I have so many I've not purchased for awhile. This might be an "old" batch


@gtothreg: I have Lock & Lock brand containers that I've had for years, and others that I've purchased through a Moofi deal, just a while ago. Same quality, and I love them all. I've never had a problem with the tabs breaking off, and I'm very hard on things like that. There have been quite a few recent entries into the marketplace that are copycats; perhaps you had those.

I don't really need any more of them, but if I did, this is a great price, and well worth it.