dealsspaceballs - widescreen - dvd for $3.99 + free…


@briansmac: I disagree. Those older technologies were replaced by better ones, where as streaming isn't as reliable, requires an Internet connection, subscription, and can't be easily shared or resold. Everyone is saying disc based media is dying, but they're all wrong. Movies are still released on DVD, and will be for many many years.

I like streaming as much as the next guy, but if you ever end your subscription, you don't own any of the stuff you watched.


@briansmac: We are so screwed once it's all DRM-ed digital media!


@charlesp2009: I am serious. And don't call me Shirley.


DVD's are dying, like 8-tracks and cassettes did...its all about on demand online ordering nowadays.


Don't call me Shirley! Oh, that's Airplane the movie. Its on the $3.99 list too! LOL


Lots of other good movies for $3.99 with free shipping, including Young Frankenstein and Office Space.