dealslonghorn steakhouse - complimentary appetizer or…


Yum! We love LongHorn!

And food aside, have you ever had their watermelon margarita? Double yum!


@belyndag: Thanks for the tip! Actually going there tonight, never ordered that drink but it sounds delicious, I'll have to try it!


@lmensor: It is incredibly yummy! I am not a fan of melon-flavored things, but it was the featured drink one evening and I gave it a whirl. Served in an oversized martini glass with a sugared rim, and they leave the rest of the drink in it's shaker on your table for you to finish off so it's at least double what you get in the glass. It's definitely a bit sweet, but not cloying. I just figure it covers my drink AND dessert!

Dang! I'm fighting a double ear infection and have to avoid alcohol or I'd head over there myself.


Watermelon Margaritas are THE BEST!


@jennafer74: I'd need some fried chcken to go with that tho