dealswootstar - iphone/ipad app - free for woot off


I downloaded it from iTunes before, but I since deleted it. There is no place to change settings and it automatically notifies you if there's a Woot-Off. I also didn't like the interface. There are a few other Woot apps that are free and much better, including being able to change settings.


Downloaded this a few months ago. I use it everyday to check whats on woot. But this morning it crashed every time I opened it.


@katillac: Hi katillac. Our app does not have settings to change. Notifications can be disabled in the notification center. Additionally if you'd like to reorder which sections come first, you can do so by holding your finger down on the screen.

@attippinfan78: We're looking into trying to reproduce this issue. Thanks for reporting it.


For the record, we start the wootoff every time we see this app go on sale.


Hmmm, trying this out for the 1st time, I like that I can see multiple woot sites in one screen, a huge improvement over my current woot app, but I do not see an option for auto-refresh, this is key during a woot-off (which my current app does have). I really don't want to sit there and refresh the app manually every 2 minutes.

I really like having my iPhone on my desk, on it's dock, just auto-refreshing during a woot-off all day long.


Does somebody smell a Woot!off coming?


Does anyone know why none of the Woot! Iphone apps have a BOC 'autobuy' function? Is it a limitation of the Apple programming platform, or is there some other reason?


@aphroat: There is a Wootoff! right now!


@mlsapack: Dubya Tee Eff did that happen???


@dmmutti: Darn, calculus must have fried my brain. I swear I looked at all the Woot! sites this morning. And. There. Was. No. Woot!off.


I downloaded it last time there was a Wootoff put I don't receive any alerts. Is that the way it's supposed to be? I want it to alert me of a Wootoff.


@ginnyjulie: Currently, the app will send a notification at the start of a Woot Off.