dealsnew balance minimus running shoes – starting at…


Just go to a newbalance outlet. Start at 38 ish.


Footlocker stores also have them on clearance, starting at 39.99 I believe. Shipping is $3 if they don't have your size and need to order it, but they do have military and veterans discount (20%) for anyone who has an military I.D.


@lemonlime123: I use to do online shopping from Footlocker on NB Minimus all the time - have about 4 pairs - was getting pretty good deals and all... then got two pairs that were def USED!!! LIke, taken home and worn then brought back to the store and put back in the box and shipped to another customer!!! Kinda thought that was illegal.

Before that had a few issues with them on their discount programs but sending out USED SHOES was the last straw. They finally, after a month or so, made me happy, but it was ridiculous!!! And they admitted selling USED SHOES in the stores (saying they are clearly marked???).

I really dont trust Footlocker tbh!

btw, the minimus is an amazing shoe. Even for icy, sludge trails keep the foot dry and comfy! Amazing!