dealskohl's: 20% off and $10 kohl's cash for every $50…


The Kohls here in Bloomington, Il has that offer.......yeah you get 20% off ONLY if you sign up for a Kohls charge. BFS !!! When I was there I was tired so I said yes that sounds good...and the clerk said I needed to answer 5 questions starting with my Social Security Number !!!!!! Seriously ? I said under law I do not have to provide my Soc # and the clerk hit a key on the keyboard and cancelled it and and my discount and my cash reward and I ended up paying full price. AVOID !!!! What a load of CRAP !


@garthbock: This is separate. You only need to sign up for a Kohls charge for certain bonuses. This one is open to all.


@garthbock: Note the FFDEC20P code? That usually means this is an online thing...


Just be aware...If you use your kohl's cash and want to return items, you don't get the KC back at all, not even in store credit. Also, if you return the original items that you earned the cash on, you also get deducted, essentially getting deducted TWICE for using the Kohl's cash, even if everything is returned. This policy changed in May to protect Kohl's from abusing their KC system, but it's obviously flawed. Just make sure you really want what you're buying! And no, I'm not confused. I tried making a return today, and was told all of this.