dealskamenstein - 16 jar canopy acacia wood spice rackā€¦


"includes free spice refills for 5 years."

Holy crap.

PS: Last I checked, shipping is $5 to a New York zipcode.


Shipping is typically $4.95 for orders under $75 (I think). I have ordered from them before, and have always been impressed by the quality of the items and speed of shipment!


I bought a similar model with the 5 year free refills. I just want to clarify that you still have to pay shipping and handling for each refill, which works out to a little under a dollar per spice. Still an excellent deal, compared to store prices. And it's unlimited; you can order spices every day if you want to. I use my refill subscription to fill not only mine but my family members and friends spice racks as often as they need it, and the selection is quite varied, with a new spice featured each month.


Wow! Even with S&H on the spices this is a great deal!


For an extra $8, I'll wait until Feb 2 for their 21-jar set to come up on the same site. Looks like it holds more jars, AND, due to smarter arrangement of jars, uses much less counter space. Also, I prefer the stainless look to the wood. :)


The actual shipping prices on the "free" spices are:
1-4 bags = $4.40
5-10 bags = $9.25
11-15 bags = $12.00
16-19 bags = $14.00
20-24 bags = $15.00
25-28 bags = $16.25

If you only need one bag of "free" spices, it's expensive at $4.40 for shipping.

I had a broken bottle when I bought my spice rack and they shipped me a new one. The shipping on the one bottle that they shipped was only $1.73 according to the postage on the small box.


It's surprising they don't tell you what spices you are getting...


@cengland0: But why would you order just one if the cost to you of ordering 1 or 4 is equal?


@bdoug399: I was just stating that I did order one because it was broken and I know the real cost of their shipping for that product and that came with glass -- not a bag.


To the person who is waiting for the stainless steel spice rack deal on Feb 2, you might want to check out the reviews. I found it at amazon .com for 40 bucks. The reviews say the lids are cheap, wont stay on. I was going to wait for it too but have changed my mind


my sister got one of these when she went to college 11 years ago. After never taking it out of the box, I inherited it 3 years later. I finally tried using it 6 months ago, but the spices had mold in them.

By the way...the lids are cheap, but it seems like a good deal if you plan on using it.


@cengland0 don't forget that its shipping and HANDLING. sure there's the postage, but they have to buy the box or whatever it ships in and they employ people to actually send out the package, and you've even got to pay ups and fed ex to make pickups at your warehouse, which has an electric and heating and water bill


instead of "Jar Canopy" I saw "Canopic Jar". Those are not the same...