dealsmaybe you touched your gentials hand sanitizer…


I don't think 2.1 ounces is enough for some people.... just saying.


@kelomaki: Isn't that the truth! Hubs is going to buy these and the "take a sick-day" ones, and pepper them throughout the workplace. We will refill them, as needed, hopefully often.


I'm thinking I want the "Maybe you WILL touch your genitals" bottle - I mean, after all, I know what I want to protect first and it ain't other people!


don't actually tough your genitals when using this, especially after manscaping. trust me on this.


I only use "Of Course You Touched Your Genitals" brand genital scented hand sanitizer.


When I go to the link, it's $3.19 + $3.97 shipping.

Just ... you know: sayin'.


I got some of the "Cleaner than (profanity) " for Christmas from my brother-in-law. Not sure if he was trying to tell me something or not, but I'm saving it for a tailgate this summer. LOL


Mouse over all the options, I cracked up!


So what if I touched my genitals? My genitals are not dirty. I wash them, twice a day.


@sdbcmr: The price I posted was accurate at that time, I copied and pasted.

I guess it got hiked after I went to sleep, thank you to who ever tattled, I hate those quick price hikes.