dealsnike slingshot 4d iron set for $195.00


I was going to comment how the price compare has it at for 199.99 with free shipping, but they only have left handed clubs! I can understand why left handed clubs are so cheap. Why do they even bother making them? Very few people are left handed and contrary to what the Simpsons tells us no one really cares about them.

So... does anyone know if the senior flex is different then the graphite flex? Should an amateur golfer care?



Graphite is the shaft material and it comes in different flexes such as Regular, Stiff, Senior, Extra Stiff etc.
As a general rule if you are a golfer that hits the driver less than 225 yards you should hit a senior flex.


I have these, although with a steel shaft not graphite. I upgraded from beginners clubs to these. Overall, I like the club, they are pretty forgiving. The length is longer than my previous clubs and that took me a little to get used to. Overall, I am pretty happy with these.