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I bought one of these a month ago and it didn't work for me. This is not a slam on this specific product, but just a general warning.

I followed the setup instructions, and the repeater could "see" my wireless router. But I was unable to get any internet information through the repeater to my laptop.

I called Diamond, and the tech asked me about the brand/model of my wireless router. I told him it was a Verizon "freebee" made by Actiontec. The tech that in order for this Diamond repeater to work, the wireless router needs to support a protocol called WDS (Wireless Distribution Service). Verizon routers made by Actiontec do not support WDS. Therefore, no repeater will work with this specific router.

The next day, I called Actiontec, who told me that they make almost all routers presently supplied by Verizon and AT&T. None of those routers supports WDS. No repeater will work with these Actiontec routers.

Check your router before buying any repeater!


@crowbite: That is good to know - so basically is to stay away from Actiontec as their compatibility is shady.


I have one as well. It worked in that it repeated the signal, but wireless connections throughout the house became unstable and unreliable. YMMV.


I bought one of these a few months ago. It was easy to set up, it eliminated the dead wi-fi spots in my house and boosted the signal in places where it was weak. It has never dropped the signal or had to be reset, even when my router or modem needs to be reset. I am happy that I bought it.


Well, I don't really think that Actiontec is "shady." They readily admit that their routers do not support WDS repeaters.

From what Actiontec told me, almost all of their routers are made specifically for ISPs. They said they make all or almost all of the routers for Verizon and for AT&T. They also mentioned another ISP which I had never heard of; unfortunately I don't remember that name right now.

The tech said that they make what the ISP wants. Apparently most ISPs don't want to pay for the chipset and firmware to support WDS repeaters, so that's how Actiontec makes them.

If anything is "shady," it might be the companies that sell the repeaters. The manufacturers seem to know that repeaters won't work with Actiontec routers (and maybe some other brands, as well). But the ads for the repeaters never mention this. In my case, I had to buy a repeater, then find out the hard way. That's why I'm posting this general warning to my fellow Wooters.

So... Good luck!