dealsbuy one coke float ,get one free w/printed coupon…


Great deal too bad Denny's here in town just closed.


That's my problem eeek! All of the Denny's around us closed down a few years ago. And, I loved eating there :'(


I know where a few Denny's are. You must live in the wrong state.


Good news, if you have Flying J truck stops near you, Denny's took over the restaurants in those truck stops. So, if you have Flying J's around you and haven't been by or there in awhile, there is most likely a Denny's attached to it. (All specials and coupons still work)

Denny's had been closed and not here for years, but we got one in a Flying J just outside of town about a year ago, and just got a brand new one built less than a month ago in town!

Wherever they aren't right now, they might have gotten some funding or something to open new locations, so be on the lookout! This is a college town, however, and I don't know how there were no Denny's here for the last ten years.