dealslego city harbor marina for $29.00


agreed, that is a great price


I agree as well - great price :)

It is usually $49.99 for this set, so it's 40% off.

I just saw that Walmart also has the Lego City Harbor & Marina combo for $99.00 - a savings of $40.98 - it's like paying regular price for the Harbor and getting the Marina for $9.00.

*"Regular price" is per the Lego website, and they're often the cheapest. For example, for most lego sets Toys R US charges more than Lego does.


Just to clarify, this is actually the "Lego City Marina" #4644, normally $49.99. There is a separate set, #4645 the "Lego City Harbor" which is normally $89.99.

These are the two that I mentioned in my last comment that Walmart has together for $99.00.


Although, regardless of what the Lego store is charging, a good price for Lego is 10 cents per pieces. The new offer price of $29 for 290-odd pieces actually just brings this set into line with most other Lego sets.

Definitely not an amazing deal.