deals1/8" x 50' para cord rope - 4 colors to choose…


unless you're king kong this won't look good woven into a bracelet.


Not the brightest bulb in the box are you? One doesn't utilize the entire 50' of para cord to fashion a bracelet. Your thoughts on how much cord would be the amount you would want in a personal emergency situation would dictate the length for use in braiding a bracelet and ultimately the overall size of it.

vote-for7vote-against is the source for paracord. Typically 100ft for ~$7 in tons of colors/patterrns.


I think the bracelet craze is funny. "I'm a hardcore survivalist and I just love arts and crafts. Isn't my bracelet fabulous?"

vote-for-4vote-against $2.97 for the same thing at home depot. Someone at woot needs to quit chitty-chatting and tippy-tapping on there cliche iPhone and get back to work.


@sperich79: It's not the same thing. From the comments:

For the price, this product is ok, but be forwarned, this is not true paracord. Home Depot needs to change their description. True paracord is a 7 strand cord with a load limit of 550 lbs. This only has a 100 lb limit and when you look at the inside of the cord it is obviously not a 7 strand cord. You can also tell that it is not paracord when you try to remelt the ends. It should melt evenly on the inside and the outside. Again, this product is ok for the price, but is marketed incorrectly.


@sperich79: Sorry.

a.) I'm not at Woot. I am just a DW member like you.
b.) Not chitty-chatting and tippy-tapping on my cliche iPhone, just trying to post some things and get back to work.
c.) Didn't compare to Home Depot, just to Amazon. Personally I rarely bother to check the ENTIRE interwebs for comparisons.


@belyndag: It's OK. It's already been shown that your deal is the real thing, and the Home Depot deal is false advertising.


Calm down Spock. I think that's what we call a joke...


@sinner3k: Yes, you're right in that this isn't the same paracord or what you'd call "true paracord." You're referring to Type III, which is what everyone means when they say "paracord." That said, there are 6 types of paracord specified by MIL-C-5040H and the Home Depot one looks like it could be a Type I paracord since it's rated to 100lbs.