dealsziploc storage bags (40/gallon or 50/quart) for…


Got 5 boxes - perfect size and price, thanks!


Shipping is $9.95 if you're not a rewards member. Pass.


Great deal! In for four.

I've found that even if the purchase goes through, I sometimes get an email a couple days later saying they are out of stock and canceling the transaction. Just a warning.


@mustardsquarepants: It's super easy to sign up and they have such great deals like this quite often, that it is very much worth it imho.

As for this deal . I wish they were freezer bags. It's going to be summer fruit harvest & freeze time soon. The storage bags I have to double for that. I'll have to wait for some freezer bags. See a deal on them, send it my way ! Thanks.


@ceagee: Not a problem - just send some of that harvest my way, and I'll be glad to take care of it for you . . .