dealsaltec lansing bliss headphones w/ inline remoteā€¦


Shipping is actually $5, not $5.99 as listed.


My wife uses with her iphone 4 and loves 'em.


Ordered 4 pairs: the first was great--actually fit (had to put on the extra small ear tips)--and the sound was pretty darn good for a pair of $5 buds. The second set lasted 3 days before the left speaker just stopped working--did nothing different on my part. On the third pair now and so far so good. What I've noticed is that the colour chosen might make a difference in quality--the mint seems sturdy, rose is the one that cr*pped out on me, and the gold seems to be holding its own. Also, the mint and rose had cloth cables and the gold has a plastic covered cloth cable (required some adjustment because it can stick to the skin a bit while working out, but I like that it will keep the cloth clean and is water-resistant). Only thing I don't really care for is the jack which sticks out a good inch and I could see it snapping off if one isn't careful. Overall I'm happy with them: ultra-comfortable (even forgotten they were in a few times), good sound. Just buy a couple extra as backups.


I'm really hard on earbuds so I've bought multiple sets. They last about 12 months for me, which is excellent. Normally I trash earbuds after 6 month - and I've bought all kinds from least expensive to high-end. I sleep in them, exercise, and do housework in them so I'm always catching them on something and yanking them out.

If you are considering them for a manly type person, read the description carefully. They are designed with women in mind. The posts are smaller than usual, and they have pretty sparkly things on the cover. Not to say a manly type person wouldn't like them, just saying...


I'll take my chance with a local retailer. I brought earbuds from this site and the left side went out after a day or two. I am a little hestitant to buy and pay S&H on something like this again. The ones I brought costed me $17.00. I'll pass.


@moore003: Did you contact Woot! CS?...the one time (to date) I've ever had a problem with one of the products I bought, the customer service was prompt to resolve it.