dealsburger king 2 signature sandwiches for $5.00


I can't get the website to come up. I just get the hourglass.


@mgilg: Are you trying to load it on your phone? It looks like it's a flash gig. Also, I think it's more of a promotion than a coupon.


Just a promotion, no coupon needed. As a side note, BK food is horrible for your soul.


No, no coupon. This promo has been on tv about every hour for at least a week and there are billboards and their own signs at the entrance to the BK and huge signs on their windows.
Anybody who didn't already know about this must either live under a rock or far from any BK.


Burgr King food is bad for you! Everyone should be Vegan!

Oh wait, no one cares, and no we shouldn't. Not a bad deal I guess, not really a good one though. They send out B1G1 coupons from time to time, and 2 Whoppers doesn't even fill me up (giggity?) I can think of a better way to spend 5 bucks.


@mduscavage: I'm in Tech Support. I have no soul.


Yup, just a promotion.
I had it last night.
1 Whopper, and 1 fish sandwich.
$5.45 after tax.


@donslin: I live about 500 yards from a BK, and I hadn't heard about this. Of course, I don't have cable and I work from home...


@trendkill7577- "Premium" is an elevated and superior state of "is." So it really depends on what your definition of "is" is.