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Thanks, always up for a free book. Looks interesting.


Thanks for including the Nook link as well!


Heh. 'Foreword by Glenn Beck'? That's a little like a cookbook pushing a foreword by Charles Manson.

I mean, it's not exactly promising, given the rampant doses of crazy, outrageous lying BS that made even Fox fire his ass. And they're kind of known to be where crazy, lying, entitled d-bags go to get old and be absorbed into the O'Reilly hivemind mass. Sure, it could be a great book... but what are the chances, given that the author let someone like THAT even be associated with the work?


@talesin: I have read the book and it is awesome. very insightful and helpful in day to day dealings. I am yet to read a book that was ruined by a forward...


It's free, but I will say this. I do not consider endorsements by politicians like Jake Garn (who forced himself into a shuttle flight) and Tom Daschle and a political hack journalist like Andrea Mitchel to be a positive sign.


I worked at a plant owned by the Huntsman Corporation. At one point before I worked there, when the company was still privately held, the company's credit was so bad that suppliers would only sell a barge of feedstock for cash, and the plant manager or operations manager would have to meet a representative at the docks with a briefcase full of cash. As far as I know, the company did pay all of its eventually, even though it was notoriously bad about honoring payment terms. Peter Huntsman was running the company at the time, but Jon Huntsman was still the primary shareholder. I think that Jon Huntsman is generally a good man, and he has rehabilitated his reputation a lot over the past 15 years by funding and running a great cancer hospital, but for him to write a book about honesty is a stretch.
I know nothing about the book, my comments are about the author and his family. It could be great.