dealsnintendo blue wii: consoles for $99.99


I really want this, but for some reason it gives me an error every time I try to add it to my cart! It would really suck if I missed out on this great deal! Stupid interwebs!


Bought two of these, one for the girlfriend and one for the parents. I went in to the local Walmart to witness the carnage (and boy was there carnage) and they had a pallet of these things virtually untouched while everything else (Xbox and PS3 bundles, namely) was gone by the time I got there.

I'm still curious if this is actually a deal. I was thinking this will be the normal price for these since this model lacks GC controller and games support.

Either way, my Christmas shopping is done.


Blue. Because nothing screams, "Bought at Walmart" quite like a custom blue color.


IIRC these blue ones do not play gamecube games, so take note if that is important to you.


Does this not include any games at all? If so I think this is the first Wii ever sold brand new at retail without any games. However it does include the WiiMotePlus controller, which is worth ~$40 on its own; and you can pick up Wii Sports at your neighborhood used games store for $5-10.

Strange that they are advertising NetFlix on them now. The Wii has supported NetFlix for some time. On the other hand if they made it able to display NetFlix at 1080p (like my Blu-Ray player), that would be exciting. Somehow I suspect that would increase the price to more than $100 though even if it didn't do anything for the existing games.