dealsseagate barracuda st3000dm001 3tb internal hard…


I have Windows 7 64-bit, and purchased a similar 3TB drive for my back-up drive.

I have not been able to complete a backup using Windows backup utility because as I was informed by DELL, Intel and Windows 7 do not support 3TB size yet!

For all other use there is no problem, but if you need a drive for backups, be sure to ask first.


Just noticed to the right "Similar Deals" it's $9 cheaper at


@gwpriester: It is simply not true that Windows 7 doesn't support 3TB drives. It may be the case that your motherboard or external enclosure does not support drives that large.

Windows 7 64-bit absolutely does support drives in excess of 2.2TB using the GPT partitioning system.


I believe the newest models of the Drobo arrays will support these.


I went to go and buy 5 for use in a Drobo array and found that Newegg has a limit of 1 per person. Massive Fail as far as I am concerned.


If you are having troubles getting it to register as 3TB all you have to do is partition it. I would go at 1.5GB on each hdd to make it easy but You could have up to 2.2GB on one partition if you wanted to.

After looking into it it seems that it is only an issue with the 32 bit version of Windows 7 since it is based for older tech. If you have 64 bit windows you shouldn't have a problem with it.


@bigreddogatl: They do this because of the HDD shortage. You could always register for 5 different newegg accounts if you really need 5.


@segafanalways: It's not just an OS issue your BIOS needs to support it first. If you plug in the drive and your BIOS doesn't see 3TB then your OS will never see it.


@mrsmoofy: Same here. It looks to be fluctuating back and forth.


Just a word from someone with experience with this drive, I bought it recently and had to return it due to the drive failing within 3 months.

They replaced it and the new drive is fine so far but we are only a month in.


HMMMMM. I am having a storage crisis right now. I have a 60gb SSD and a 1.5tb HD. Do I add more Archival space, or more System Storage?


@gwpriester: Dell has tragically bad customer support as well as last-generation hardware...

so it's 50:50 between your problem being 1) uneducated technicians or 2) shoddy hardware.

Maybe both.


Seagate: never again
WD or Hitachi is all I'll buy.