dealsboston market irs or incredible rib special


Forgot to post this. Thanks.

Price is normally $10.99 for 1 meal --basically 2 for 1.


I used to love Boston Market; sure wish I still lived near one.


These ribs taste like cardboard. Or what I imagine cardboard would taste like if it had sauce on it. Mmmm...cardboard.


I just had this deal for lunch. The ribs seemed small to me, so 2 meal = my lunch. Still not a terrible deal for ribs.


Got this for lunch. My ribs were pretty decent-sized, cooked to be soft and a little chewy, covered in bbq sauce. Obviously, it's not going to be the best bbq you've ever had, but good food at a good price. I might go back tonight if they don't run out. :)

They automatically give you mashed potatoes and corn if you dont ask for other sides ahead of time. As the day goes on, I suggest you call ahead and ask them if they still have ribs. I have the feeling they will be selling completely out after dinner.


The deal isn't valid unless you get the mashed potatoes and corn, but if they're nice they'll give you the deal anyway. Thanks for posting this offer. It's a great deal.