dealsatari flashback classic game console for $36.00…


The full list of games included (part 1);

3D Tic-Tac-Toe, Adventure, 1 nd 2, Air·Sea Battle, Aquaventure, Asteroids, Backgammon, Basketball, Battlezone, Black Jack, Bowling, Breakout, Canyon Bomber, Centipede, Championship, Soccer, Circus Atari, Combat 1 and 2, Crystal Castles, Demons to Diamonds, Desert Falcon, Dodge 'Em, Double Dunk, Fatal Run, Flag Capture, Football, Frog Pond, Front Line, Fun with Numbers, Golf, Grand Prix, Gravitar, Hangman, Haunted House, Home Run, Human Cannonball, Jungle Hunt, Maze Craze, Miniature Golf, Missile Command


(part 2)

Night Driver, Off The Wall, Outlaw, Polaris, Realsports Baseball, Realsports Basketball, Realsports Soccer, Realsports Volleyball, Return to Haunted House, Saboteur, Save Mary, Sky Diver, Slot Machine, Slot Racers, Solaris, Space Invaders, Space War, Sprintmaster, Star Ship, Steeplechase, Stellar Track, Street Racer, Submarine Commander, Super Baseball, Super Breakout, Super Football, Surround, Tempest, Video Checkers, Video Chess, Video Olympics, Video Pinball, Warlords, Wizard, Yars' Revenge


I got this set for my birthday. It's quite awesome only it doesn't include the paddles so it makes Super Breakout and Night Driver useless.

The paddles for the game have been sold out on Amazon since I got the set last month and there have been complaints about how long it takes to get the paddles shipped.

I only play about 6-7 games and learn about games I never had as a kid when someone comes over the house around my age to step back in time.

It's still fun to play Missile Command, Space Invaders and Adventure. Forgot how difficult it is to play Asteroids on Atari vs the arcade version.


No empire strikes back? Man this system is missing all the good ones.


My Sams has this with the paddles for $39.99


No River Raid? Wat?

Heck, I still have my old cartridges, give me a Flashback that takes them and they can have all my money.


Pitfall = Activision title
Empire Strikes Back = Parker Bros title

Atari couldn't offer those if they wanted.
ET, however, is an Atari title.


You can't go home again. After xBox, PS3, etc, the games are unplayable. Nice for nostalgia but that's about it.


The quality on this is very poor. Mine stopped displaying video after a weeks worth of use. Luckily I got it on clearance at Target a while back.


Did anyone own the game Save Mary?


@deltax20a: The Flashback 2 and 2+ could be modified to add a cartridge slot. Not sure about the 4.


@glenncol: Apparently the earlier versions of Atari Flashback did include Activision games, including River Raid and Pitfall.


@glenncol: Thankfully, ET cartridges (best estimates at 3.5 million of them) were buried in New Mexico

I played it on a friends system... just a horrible game.


I think that I am the only person who liked ET. Maybe my youth allowed me to see past its flaws, but I totally dug running away from the FBI agent, levitating out of pits (I know they all looked the same -- I didn't care!), eating up black pixels that were supposed to be Reese's Pieces (amazing product placement, by the way), and assembling the pieces of the phone and calling the mothership for rescue.


@jasonap: Wow, you actually got that far? Maybe I wasn't old enough to appreciate all the beauty that was ET, but I kept falling into pits. Fortunately, I still have the cartridge, and I have an older Flashback that can be modified to play the cartridges.