dealsbrawny® white perforated select-a-size paper…


7 cases, delivered for $56 after $25 of $75 coupon. Nice deal, thanks.


Whats the code for 25 off 75 ?


@orchidway: The codes are one time use codes so if you don't already have one you would have to pick one up on eBay.


Teach me to keep more of my junk/ad mail!! But then I would have to alphabatize it--probably need another file--oh never mind.


Got two cases for free delivery to store since I only live a block away from the store.

I tried to do the "reserve & pickup" option but it would only let me reserve 1.

Though I checked out 20 minutes ago, I have no email confirmation. The order is listed on my list of orders at, but when I click it to view details, I get the Staples header and the rest of the page is blank.

I know this deal has been posted on other places as well. Did we break Staples?


Where did you get the $25 off $75? Do you have the coupon code? Thx


I did receive an email confirmation, but I just now went back to my order history and it too pulled up a blank page. I'm also unable to pull up any of my previous orders information either.


Buying this is giving money to the Koch brothers, right-wing radicals with huge influence to take American politics away from the people and democracy.

They have one of the two biggest private business empires in the country, and use their money to get radicals elected around the country. And they spent hundreds of millions trying to elect Romney.

Coincidence that Romney's policy would make them billions more dollars, shifting your money to the most wealthy like the Kochs. Boycott Brawny.


Only the first deal is $11. others are 13.99


@craig234: You're right, we should continue to boycott American companies. China has MUCH better business ethics and does things for cheaper anyway.



@leonpress: They were $10.99 each for me. Discount is reflected at checkout.


Darn, I waited too long. Looks like the deal is dead now.


Just delivered....
Smaller rolls/package than what Costco offers, but it was also 2/3s the price. Still happy with the deal and should have enough to last the year or so...