deals14 day epix hd trial no cc req for $0.00


I used this trial about 2 months ago with my Roku. Never asked for credit card or any information beyond name and e-mail. Received no spam whatsoever to the e-mail account I listed for the trial.

They have a ton of content available for streaming on the Roku, tho a lot is older and streaming quality is on par with HBO Go. Only complaint I had was the Roku channel would crash if you fast forwarded after watching a bit of the movie and the movie stream for what you were watching would not restart after the crash. You would have to start watching another movie, exit out of that movie once it started and then restart the original movie. After the restart fast forwarding would work fine allowing you to go to the location you were looking to fast forward to. This was very annoying for movies that had content after the credits (Thor, Captain America).


I have tried this before only bad thing is, is after the 14 days if your cable company like mine TimeWarner is not on their list of approved cable companies your cut off.
It will not let you enter a credit card or anything else to keep the service again if your cable company is not on their list.

I find that the movies they have can be found in one of two places Netflix or Amazon Prime and both are cheaper thing Epix.
I say if you want to try it and you don't have something else then go for it but if you have Netflix or Amazon then don't bother.


Does anyone have a link (or knowledge) of what it costs after 14 days? The site seems sufficiently devoid of details on their pricing model after the free trial.


It has to come through a cable provider.