dealsjumper cables - 12ft, 10 gauge for $7.50


Dont want to say anything negative, but, 2 gauge 20 foot cables is a much better, wiser purchase ~$35. These are too small of a wire gauge you get too much voltage drop, get too hot, not very safe. Just my opinion.


I stay away from cheap jumper cables, I had a pair melt the insulation and short out. It wasn't pretty.


@kwdavis: I think the practical gauge depends on the engine. I'd be happy to use these on my four cylinder Eclipse, but I keep a heavy duty set in my F-250. And remember, these are only 10' long (for nose-to-nose starting). The shorter the cable, the smaller they can be.

And size does count. A 10' set not only fits into smaller spaces; it is easier to handle as well.

As usual, YMMV. Don't buy these for a V-8 diesel; use them on a small engine. And give the battery a minute or two to charge before you crank it - this will pull the large current from the low battery, not through the cable.


bad enough they are 10 gauge, they are not even copper! "Copper plated wire and jaw"

I have a shorter sent like this for my small motor cycle but don't see buying a 12 foot set.


10 gauge? I've got speaker wire larger than that.