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After comparing several brands and designs we bought a number of these KitchenAid knives for a cooking workshop and kitchen we run. Delighted with the feel and quality of the forged blades, tangs and handles. Good balance, holds an edge.

The price is a bonus.


Amazon has several customer comments about this knife set here:

I own this brand of knives, and as long as you know that "high carbon" means "It's better to wash & dry them by hand" they'll cut through stuff like a lightsaber. But without the "wawww wawww" noise lightsabers make.


Amazon is a good source for reviews when it comes to basic consumer goods but what I've found is Amazon reviewers know nothing about knives. They think rust automatically means it's bad. Like jhaywire said, these knives have a high carbon content which means it is a good knife but prone to rusting so just dry it. If it does rust all you have to do is use some steel wool and scrub it off or get some Comet.


@katanaryda: sev·er·al/ˈsev(ə)rəl/ - Adjective: More than two but not many.

I owned some KitchenAid knives once. They are crap. Don't waste your money. They dull quicker than any other set I've owned (even with sharpening them before each use). I have a set of Chicago's that are about the same price and rarely have to sharpen them. My Henckel's, for comparison, never need sharpening.


@punkcrib: LOL I have some Chicago's that have lasted me 6 yrs, yeah they're good