dealsadopt a shark for valentine's day for $12.00…


use promo code LOVE in all caps for the discounted price. The promo code gives you 20% off any adoption kit you choose, even the higher priced ones with the plush dolls. This $12 kit doesn't include a plush doll

there are also other lovable but not as cuddly animals for adoption on that website. Click on the animal of your choice on the left side, or click the "All animals" link to see more. You don't have to feed the shark or read it bedtime stories either. Although the items you get are shipped via USPS, you can download an e-card and a copy of the certificate right away after purchase


Nothing says "I love you" like 300 teeth aligned in 5 to 7 rows of death.


Anybody know how much percentage actually goes toward saving the animals and not into someone's pocket? I see from their website that 90% goes toward 'Program and Support Services' and 10% toward 'Fundraisers', but that's pretty vague.


Do they send you the whole thing or just the meat? If I have to gut it myself it's not worth it.


I found the IRS form 990 on their website, and like all IRS forms, it probably gives me more questions than answers (lol), but I see ~$32MM total revenue with ~$30MM total expenses with a net of ~$2.58MM. At least they are in the black financially, but assuming that 'expenses' are operational costs and not actual costs going to 'directly' help animals, that would say that for every dollar you donate, only about 8 cents goes toward the fund, and 92 cents pays for the organization support to generate that 8 cents. Anyone else have a read on this?


If you go to the bottom of one of the adopt pages it gives you a breakdown of how they spend their money

8% goes into fundraising projects while 92% goes towards their services.


@aaranpate: You and Tay point out something that is important to me. While I would like to take advantage of this offer I think I will instead donate to my local raptor center and make my own "certificate" to present to my b/f tomorrow. So thank you @w00tgurl for the good idea!


Are they serious about this. Who in the heck would pay money for this. I want some Shark Fin soup for $12 (+S&H). If people buy into this, I have some BadoingAdoings (pronounced Ba-doing-AAAA-doing) that need to be saved for $25 (+S&H). I wanna Woot that.


Lots of people might pay for this. Many species of sharks are endangered. They get a bad rap simply because they don't look cuddly but they have an important part in the ecosystem as a top predator.


Nothing symbolizes the women in my love life better than this.
Happy Valentine's day present to me.


Gotta get in on one of these touchy feel good things. I would be laughing all the way to the bank. Wonder how much their top guy gets paid.


@kreineman: On their IRS forms, in 2009, the president made $295k, the exec VP made $250k, and asst treasurer made $150k.


Looks like your money is going to the sharks alright, the CEO's and VP's!!