deals1¢ pencils (8pk), pencil cap erasers (12pk), or…


I love deals like this for the charity school drives we have at the office!


this is not the current ad
this is the ad from weeks ago
the current ad has none of these things


^^agree with what s/he said^^ The current Staples ad does not
carry any of those items. At least not the one I looked at online - twice.


@moosezilla: It's the current one for me...


@moosezilla: current one for me as well. Regional ad?


Current ad for me also. I was at the store earlier and apparently it's limited 2 on the pencil case even though it says limited 4 on the ads. The pencils and erasers are limited 4 as advertised.


It is a current ad for my area - I picked up 4 of each and I am heading to my kids old elementary school to drop them off tomorrow, along with some stuff from Office Depot and Toys R Us.


Cap erasers were the penny item for us 4 weeks ago (school started aug 1 here) and we don't have a penny item this week.