dealsfree kindle book : beer is proof god loves us…


I got this the last time it posted. Good quick read for beer lovers.


I instantly purchased this. Thank you.

EDIT: And for all your beer lovers out there-- if you're ever interested in brewing your own, check out "The Complete Joy of Home Brewing" by Charlie Papazian. It's the essential home brewing guide. Enjoy!


Hmm dead now $10.99 rights I really am loving these free kindle books to stackup for my summer lazy days reading list :) Oh well there will be more!

Oops misspoke it was that other link that a commenter posted that was $10.99! great thanks again!


Excellent! Something to read while I'm waiting on the fermenter.


The author was my Malting and Brewing Sciences professor for several courses.

He's an entertaining guy, and this particular book is an interesting read if you're into the changes in the industry that have/are occurring.


I just tasted my first batch of home brewed beer ever yesterday. Good timing!