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I'm looking for an iPad mini (gen 1) for my wife. Good condition at the best price.


I've gotten a couple of refurbished iPads from and been very happy with the prices, fast shipping, and great products. Just a few weeks ago I got an iPad min for my daughter from there and it was in perfect like-new shape. Highly recommend.


For the price, used iPads aren't really worth it. The discount even for aging hardware is paltry compared to Android tablets out there. You can get $150+ off used Android tablets that were released this year. iPads have their uses, but as an investment, a used iPad is hard to stomach when the competition is so good.


I totally disagree. Spec for spec on paper -- maybe, but since iOS is built for iDevices & iDevices only, they run far better than their Android counterparts w/twice the specs. My iPhone 5s has half the processing power & RAM as my 2.26ghz quad core/2GB RAM Android LG phone. Yet, despite its on-paper short comings, the 5s kicks the LG to the curb & then some. Same is true for the iPad vs Android tablets. The iPad can run fine with multiple apps open & running both in the background & foreground w/less than 50MB (yes, megabytes -- not a typo) of RAM to spare while the Android tablets struggle w/1 GB of RAM with basic processes. Ex: Compare a Samsung Galaxy 8.3 to an iPad mini. On paper they line up (sans 32 vs iPad's 64 bit structure)fairly evenly, but hardware specs are useless if the software isn't built for that platform & that's Android's most basic & major downfall. You'll end up spending more $ for the luxury of open source access, something few actually take to task.


@greytam: I was looking at an iPad mini 3 days ago on cowboom...
Added it to my cart, and the price went up $20.
My factory refurbished mini will be here in 3 days, direct from apple, and I saved $120.
I will no longer support Cowboom.