dealsmini dv spy dvr video camera with memory card…


These are actually pretty great. I have two I ordered recently, one from gearxs. GearXS shipping is pretty slow though so if this is available elsewhere you might consider buying there to get it faster.


i picked this up from gearsx 2 deals ago but mine didn't work. maybe it's just my luck


@aethers: I just recently got one from another source and like many, mine didn't work out of the box either. But like many have suggested I tried the reset button and then it worked perfectly after that. I would recommend giving that a try. I still cant get it to show up on my desktop but it works fine on my laptop, I believe this may be a driver conflict.


I work as a private investigator and although I have not used this model, I have used a ton of different hidden camera DVR systems. If your primary reason for buying this is to be stealthy, I would recommend spending slightly more to get something that better disguises itself. For ~$20 over on eBay from a bunch of vendors, you can get some awesome hidden cam dvr that looks like a key fob on your keychain.
This is what I use daily. It too does 720x480 at 30 fps along with a motion sensor that activates recording.
It has been the best at balancing video quality and stealth.

Here's the same one I got from the same seller.

I would definitely recommend getting the kind with the flip key. It looks awesome and so far the only problem has been my wife taking pictures and video when trying to unlock or lock my car.