deals79 piece auto safety kit with 365 days of freeā€¦


Wow! What a great deal, thanks Op


Worth it for 12 foot (12') cable ties. I've never seen them that long and have no idea what the practical use might be.


Sold out for $19.99 but they have some of the same for $25.19 which is still a pretty good deal


Later again.$25 is a little expensive for me.


Anyone have any details on the roadside assistance offered with this?


@purplefeather: All I could find was the following link, which requires users to contact the company to obtain details on the roadside assistance service.

I am in an rural area, so I am a little leery about what type of service they can provide. However, I would guess that they contract with auto shops in the major metro areas. The customer probably calls an 800 number, and Aspire contacts their closest contracted provider with your location.


@stradni: If you look at the contents list on the case it states 12" cables ties.


comes with a full year of roadside assistance protection. If you need a tow or jumpstart anywhere in North America up to three times in the year following your purchase of this kit, we will cover up to $60 per call.

Not exactly "FREE" roadside assistance =(