dealsjurassic park ultimate trilogy blu-ray for $17.12


Love these movies...still hoping for just one more.


@dmaz: Oh hai dmaz. dmaz here, answering your own question. Your thoughtful comment about the Jurassic Park film franchise, inspired by the late, writing genius, John Michael Crichton, has tweaked my interest enough to research it. As it turns out, Hollywood's current makers of dinosaur movies, are planning on having another Jurassic Park film hit the big screen durring summer of 2014.

Don't hold your breath though, as aspiring sequels like these often take a back seat to movies from more established franchises, like 007: Skyfallololololol


3 had the worst ending of any movie i have ever seen.


@alexanderluthor: More like #3 just had a terrible plot to begin with.


The new JP has been in the works for years upon years. It's always just about 2 years awway from when I read about it, even back in '05 when it was set for an '07 release. Around that time, the script had dinosaurs wielding guns.

No idea why the scrapped it...


This price is a little high for Jurassic Park and two coasters.