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1) Unlike photo, knives should always point UP, just in case they are knocked off the rack. They will tend to fall on the handle and not damage the tip, or your toes.
2) A good magnetic knife bar is strong enough to not need a plastic cover, which will impede the inserting & removing of knives, and could damage them by repeatedly dragging the knife face across the magnetic bar.
3) Kids should not be able to reach the knives until they are old enough to use them safely.

I have cooked professionally for over 40 years. I use magnetic strip tool bars from Harbor Freight, on sale here:


@zippy the pinhead: I have an extremely small kitchen, and my magnetic knife rack has magnets on both front and back, so I can stick it on the side of the refrigerator. I've been totally unable to find another one of these in the past umpteen years, though. Do you have any sources for one?


@zippy the pinhead: Interesting. DH worked his way through college as a butcher's assistant and spent a few years in the restaurant business. He is pretty darned picky about our knives. Ours are stored point down in a butcher block (although he doesn't particularly like having them in an enclosed space). Certainly he doesn't have the level of experience that you do, but he pointed out that whether stored knives point up or down would depend on where you store them. If, like ours, they are right over a countertop and would not drop to the floor, he doesn't see it as a problem for them to be stored point down.

Having said that, thanks for the link to Harbor Freight. They get a lot of hate on DW, but it's a great place to find deals.