dealstriforce shirt for $6.00


So, if it's dangerous to go alone, is this what I should take?


I gotta say this is a nice shirt, but the costume isn't complete unless you combine it with the penguin mask and chicken feet.


Aww man I took too long. In case you're confused to what I'm talking about Here you go!


@pukitiki: sorry to get channy in DW but Noobs can't triforce.
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I actually have this shirt in gray, I love the print, but the quality of their blanks suck. They shrink a lot then stretch out a lot and are kinda rough. They use Delta Pro Weight shirts, I case your wondering.


@miyoshinum5: I know what you meant to say, but I NEED to find a way to work "I case your wondering" into a phrase to be used daily by me.


Great deal woot! a $6 dollar shirt .... from $6 dollar shirts! Who woulda thunk?


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wait, what were we doing again?


Shipping is 6$ so... 12$ total for a shirt? Most stores have these, with better designs for the same or lower price...I don't really see much of a deal here unless u can waive the shipping.


@villanjo: Would you like to share what stores you are talking about?


I've ordered from 6dollarshirts before. Like @miyoshinum5 says, the blanks they use could be better; most of the shirts I ordered are now getting to be a bit short. But you're only paying $6/shirt (only $5/shirt if you order 10) + shipping.


Also doubles as a Sierpinski Triangle Shirt if you're in a bind.