dealskindle & nook ebook: saving for retirement…


Let's see, if I'm retiring in June, can I start now?


Help! I am not sure how to get this on my Nook.


Free is good, so thanks! But check the comments before you dive in if you don't normally (although if you don't normally do that, you probably won't read this, will you?), the top commenter mentions that key calculations are based on a pre-recession economy, generating some pretty rosy projections.

Haven't read it yet myself but worth a skim to see if there are any new tips, and the price is right.


@danoumas: I agree with you on the pre-recession economy projections (e.g. my investments are not making 10% per year), but a lot of the information in invaluable to help people put in to context how and what they are saving for. For example, it made me recognize that I expect to travel and dine out more in reitrement than I do now because I'm too busy saving for retirement, so budgeting for a lifestyle at less than what I spend today may not be practical. It's the little things you forget about while working so hard to figuring out the big investment stuff that this book helps put in perspective.