dealsez-serv 100 cereal dispenser & snack dispenser…


Looks exactly like the cereal dispenser that we used at the hotel I work at. It lasted several years of customer use. Very inexpensive for a cereal dispenser as these can run several hundreds of dollars for reasons I can only guess at.


@miniskunk: Did you look at the size its to small. The one your talking about is a lot bigger


@snorkalboy83: We only have 61 rooms. It was the same capacity.


I know why one would want this in a hotel, but why use a cereal dispenser in a home? Cereal comes in lovely boxes, which seem to dispense it just fine and also provides a bit of reading material. Or am I revealing too much?


If you buy bulk cereals and things at places like Sam's Club, the giant boxes/bags of cereal do not stay very fresh by the time you reach the bottom. I just use a large air-tight plastic container I found at Walmart, but I assume this would be a alternative to that.


on one hand I'm feeling like...I buy bagged cereal sometimes because I'm poor and have teenagers to feed...$30 can buy about 10 big bags of cereal...kinda like buying an expensive wallet and then not having any money left to put in it....decisions, decisions


@daniofthedead: This thing is not air-tight, so I wonder if it would be any better in your situation at all. They make sense in a hotel to me because they go through a lot of cereal fairly quickly. For a few bowls a week I would think it would get stale in a home.


I hate the "paddles" inside these things that crush the cereal while dispensing it. Also funny to me they obviously have peas and corn in this "cereal" dispenser in the photo......


@speedysloth My 5 year old can handle the turning of the handle on this thing better that controlling the flow of the cereal out of the box. Helps prevent a mess for a child that likes to do things for himself, an attitude I encourage. For me though? Yea, I like the boxes just fine and like to sit and read them as well.

@daniofthedead Yes, that is one good thing about this or any other container. It doesn't save much money buying a bulk container of cereal if no one eats half of it because it went stale. Not very yummy that way. . .


@thesuppishwoot: I can't tell if you mean that as in "you lazy slobs" or as in "Huzzah! I've almost maxed out my laziness factor and am 1 step closer to Nirvana and complete oneness with the universe!"
Try and be less ambiguous next time please.


As to why decant cereals, pantry bugs live on the glue of the cardboard and hitchhike into your home on the boxes. No way to avoid it. I decant everything that comes in cardboard for this reason.


@bdoug399: It's called a multi-tasker. It may be called a "cereal dispenser", but you can store and dispense any bulk dry-goods with these. Beans, popcorn, nuts... anything solid and sold in bulk.

Things have uses beyond what the box says.


I would characterize the lack of a big plastic, paddle-wheel cereal dispenser in your home as a First World problem.


@bdoug399: The paddles are made of a soft rubber like material. They do not crush the cereal at all.


@bdoug399: Actually it is more than adequate to keep the cereal fresh. The top lid seals tightly and air does not pass easily past the paddles because they are form fitted to the spout.


@bdoug399: "Sealed compartments cut waste by maintaining freshness."
Also comes in red and white.


Lemme see if I got this right: Somebody developed a big plastic udder that delivers different cereal from each teat, but no milk?


whate everyone is failing to mention is that this is clearly just like the one from the big bang theory and we would all like to be more like those guys. or already those guys... in which case... you'd still need to buy one if you dont have one. =)


@bdoug399: it appears that it is CORN NUTS and WASABI PEAS... whoever was required to photograph this clearly used it to supply himself with snacks for a couple weeks.