dealsintel core i3 processor i3-550 3.20ghz 4mb…


do the combo deal and the price drops even more, lol!
add this:
ARCTIC COOLING MX-4 Thermal Compound
and it actually takes another $7 off.

This is only $50 over at fry's, no shipping available though, you'll have to pick it up at a brick-n-mortar store.;jsessionid=1SCC3OX8PuKbD31P4cb7Ug__.node2?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG


@kamikazeken: Haha, nice! I didn't even see that...this makes no sense. This is a pretty decent deal, gotta say.

@ the Fry's link. That's a good deal, but if you add the fan (combo) like you mentioned, it's about 29 bucks more through Newegg. So, I guess if you don't have a Fry's handy this is still a decent deal. Fry's has some amazing prices on a lot of their stuff.


@linuxtrance: that's not an actual fan, it's just the thermal compound! the "part #: FAN-MX4" is just the product code, not an actual fan. kind of misleading...

So, the fans are still another $30 at superbiz too
Upvoted this deal, though, it's still pretty good.