dealscamisole with blacklight stars and thigh high…


Why oh WHY do people down vote this site DAILY??? It's a totally hot site & isn't that the point of intimate wear!?!? Plus if you post a question or concern someone is always awesome to respond from OhCheri & fast. Well wait and see if this comment gets a response; it probably will with something nice like a word of thanks. lol =D


@dnlkolender: I think it's because most of the people who upvote, aren't upvoting because it's a great deal. It's upvoted as deals.woot erotica.


@dnlkolender: no idea why it gets downvotes all the time. i've used them several times and the customer service is great. shipping is unfortunately slow, but if you're not in a hurry, i highly recommend ohcheri


@zenmagnets: Typical.
The question is: why do you feel the need to downvote these deals?


@gidgaf: Awww, why are you putting out troll food? Isn't it stale by now?


Seems they get voted up when the ad is for plus sizes where I'd pay the model to put on more clothes. I think that also defines who down votes the worthy models.


@atomicplayboy: Just because you have a problem with plus sized women doesn't mean there aren't guys out there that love them. Not to mention, it is good business strategy to have a variety of clothing since most women are not 5'10" 110lbs.


great price! Would get this for my wife, 'cept we have a backlog of lingerie I've bought her!


@dnlkolender: Because if they can't have/be a hot wife, no one can! They are the breast-nazis. No boobs for you!


Wait guys. You don't get it. Woot should include virtually everything imaginable but lingerie should be banned. That makes total sense.