dealsbattlefield: bad company 2 ultimate edition for…


I voted this up because the game itself is a steal at this price be forewarned that since this is a used copy it may not come with some or all of the extra content that make this a Ultimate Edition also you may not be able to play online with out paying an additional $10 fee.


@segafanalways: Good catch.. I've gotten lax buying my "used" games from GameFly heh - gotta watch out for that stuff though.


@segafanalways: I don't believe an online pass is needed for online play, but there are certain maps not available if the DLC is already redeemed. Also, I would assume that the Battlefield 1943 (the main reason to get the Ultimate Edition) would be the same way. I don't think it's on-disc. Still, for $5 there is a lot of value even if those things are missing.


Too bad the PS3 version isn't on sale.


Whether you buy this used or not, all DLC codes in this version expired August, 2011. I've exchanged the game several times and every time it's expired. Called support, chatted with them online, and they refuse to compensate for the expired DLC content.


@segafanalways: No, the only version of Battlefield that requires an online code is BF3. This game does NOT require an online code to play.


@domainloco: Wasn't sure on that one but I did know all of the extras were codes


@domainloco: This is the biggest issue I have with DLC. I understand why companies want to use online passes and DLC and even agree with it somewhat. However, there needs to be some uniform way for consumers to know what they are truly getting with their purchase. If I buy a game that touts online features or DLC, I should have a guarantee of some time period to be able to use that. Publishers (especially EA) should have this spelled out much better and more clearly for consumers. Removal of features should not be at the whim of the publisher based on whatever they want.

That being said, this particular post is for a used game, so all bets are off and I am fine with that.