dealsmagic boxer shorts - thermometer


Good gag gift for a couples wedding shower.


"Perfect for unisex use, with a sealed fly."

why a sealed fly? not to be sexist but... can't women just wear boxers with flies that open? i do hate sealed flies.


@arguendo: for the same reason that men won't pee sitting down???


So paying $8.50 for some boxer shorts that expand in water is a deal? I'm not impressed, I'm offended!


So you have to dip them in water and then wear them wet?


No, you don't have to get them wet every time you wear them. They come wrapped in shrink wrap type stuff and it's almost kinda like a freeze dried type of thing, you have to re-hydrate them to get them to be normal sized boxers. Take like the size of a normal Leatherman, cut it in half the long ways and that's about how big the things are when they come, before you've put them in water. And no, they don't shrink again once they dry out.


a good thing to have in your pocket if you suspect that 6-pack of tacos last night was a bad idea


@jcharlson34: I was unaware we still used the Leatherman as a unit of measurement