dealscraftsman 13 in. tool bag: storage power at sears…


Got this from the same deal a few weeks ago, though I think it was $5 instead of $4. For that cheap, it's well worth getting. Construction seems solid enough.


I've owned a couple of these. Nice bag for the car or boat for carrying a few small tools in case of emergencies or quick repairs. Only problem I've had with one of them was the inside lining was plastic and dried out and cracked. It didn't make the bag unusable. I think the newer ones don't have the plastic lining anymore. Also a great starter tool bag for kids!


I picked up 3 x 2 of these when listed for 3.49 (3 was max purchase).
Gifted them around (nice cheap handy gift)... throw some other small things inside of it.
They are a lot bigger than I was expecting for 13 inch.
Also, better than the old refrigerator drawers I had been using to hold my tools when going to work on the car.