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Bully sticks are just a pretty name for bull penises. Yuck. I wouldn't feed my dog anything I wouldn't eat.


Dogs LOVE these, but they are made out of dried bull penis. They stink when re-hydrated with dog saliva. I highly recomend getting the odor free sticks. The first time I gave one to my dog, she hid it in the couch and we had to figure out what the mystery odor was in the living room.


Do NOT buy from this company!
I ordered on the 7th of this month, have made 2 complaints, and STILL have NO response from them! Customer support does not exist. They will not ship your item

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@melissarawr: We just emailed you back. We are so sorry this feel through the cracks. We'll be in contact with you personally tomorrow as well.


I have ordered through multiple times.. never any problems here..
Actually gave me $10 worth of store credit when i first ordered, have no problems going back. I would recommend this site...

If youre signing up for the first time use e-mail as a referral ;) Gives bonus bucks for that extra something special for the new pup... Hard to keep up these days..


My dogs love these. They're better for the dogs, because unlike rawhide the pizzles are fully digestible. I'll second what @mikecris said, make sure you get the odor free variety.


@matt1976: And thankfully they are fully-digestible. The last time I gave my dog one was during a party to keep her occupied. She "re-hydrated" it and then proceeded to sit in front of everyone and slurp it down like a speghetti noodle. This is a 13 lb dog with a 12 inch pizzle. LOL!!! To my surprise and delight, no digestive problems afterwards.


@matt1976: I fully agree, go for odor free, that's why they are the only ones we carry!