dealssave 75% on l.a. noire on steam


For those that don't want to actually click through, it's 75% off means:

LA Noire regular - $19.99 --> $4.99
LA Noire complete w/ DLC - $29.99 --> $7.49
LA Noire strategy guide - $19.99 --> $4.99
LA Noire complete w/ DLC and guide - $39.99 --> $9.99
LA Noire (just the DLC) - $11.99 --> $2.99


@silentlegend: I'd say about 15-20 hours. Definitely worth it for how cheap it is.


Very fun and unique game. Limited replay-ability due to the nature of the game, but still a blast to play. I was one of the many who have had performance issues with the PC version, but at 5 bucks you can't pass it up.