dealsdell latitude e5400 - 2.0ghz core2 duo processor…


Hi Wooters,

As always, we will be here all day to answer any questions you might have. (Quite Shocking to see no comments at the moment....not even any haters??)

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OK, I'll comment - an awesome deal, but I don't need one right now.

ALMOST good enough for me to buy one as a backup!


So this machine is from Dell's corporate line, and is built with much better components than the consumer grade stuff. This laptop was literally meant to take a beating.

The specs are more than adequate for most any application, aside from graphic intensive games. We offer a 1 year warranty on all of our products, and have a fully staffed "Help Desk" to assist you with setup (although I know the woot crowd is incredibly tech savvy, and will probably not need our support).

Anyhow, great laptop at a great price!


does it come woith any software? i.e. - ms Office, woord, excell ???


I haven't checked the Dell website yet, but what screen size & type are these, and are there any Intel VPro capable in stock?


Most refurb systems don't come with MSOffice (too expensive) but OpenOffice is free or you can use some Office features online with Microsoft Skydrive (basic Word & Excel).


Kinda bummed I missed this. I use one of these for work, and it is pretty darn heavy, but it is also very durable and functional. Mine has a 2.8GHz processor, but only 2GB of RAM, and it functions pretty well for general work type stuff (MS Office, internet crap, etc.).