dealsinception - blu-ray/dvd combo 3 disc set for $7…


3 disks? Its a movie within a movie within a movie!!!!


@caxswimmer: For some reason it won't let me vote up your comment, though I totally would.


one reviewer at best buy said
"If your just wanting the movie, it's still good. If your wanting a digital copy, they expired may 2011, I just got one black Friday for cheap, but no dice on the download."

the description says that it's just a blu-ray, but what a dope movie, i dont care


@smeeegals: Exactly! This movie is SO awesome that even if you don't have any blu-ray device, you should still get this movie....and then get a machine that plays blu-ray later.


@caxswimmer: I tried a similar comment in the 2 disc one, and didn't get any votes!


@smeeegals: I wasn't entirely sure the copy I picked up was the correct one, so I had them price check it to be sure. It didn't say anything anywhere that I saw on the packaging about being more than a Blu-Ray.

And yeah, my digital copy code is expired now that I look. But oh well, I never use the codes anyway.


Love, love, love this movie.


@kriderzero: I had trouble upvoting anything last night also. I thought I was my idevice since I usually use my PC.


@kriderzero: I'd happly take any and all codes you don't want. Will ever pay for shipping of said code and digital copy =P lol Obviously I'm a sucker for putting movies on my woot bought ipad XD

But yeah anyway awesome movie! ^^ this price you should check it out. Better deal than renting for close to same price.


@dravack: Honestly, I'd probably take you up on that, but I'm finished with the student teaching I'm currently doing on Thursday, and I figured I'd see what I had for codes and give them to the teacher I've been working with for use on her iPad.


@kriderzero: That's fine ^^ just keep me in mind next time lol =P congrats on finishing up the student teaching. It's definitely a time consuming part of the getting the degree.