dealshp dual-core notebook w/ blu-ray for $449.99 + $5…


Thanks for the shipping options!


Out of the box, you've a reasonable browsing machine that'll rev up something fierce during facebook games. It's too big to comfortably sit in a lap for long (and if you're doing those games I mentioned, you will get awfully warm quickly.) Thankfully, HP's done something about those awful hinges, so this should last you a few years. Which might be a bit regretful for some, as they'll be stuck with it for a while.

Blueray playing is acceptable. It'll do netflix well - as a media device, it does a reasonable job.

Games, however, it falls flat on it's back, virtual legs up in the air, not even twitching as it doesn't have enough strength to.

So: good - browsing, email, other light computer tasks.
Bad: Games...
Ugly: 'Real games'

But that's why there's games consoles, right?


Gaming has got to be the most expensive sport around. More than yacht polo, probably. Glad I dodged that bullet.

HP has had a bad rep for reliability and customer service. Have they sorted that out yet? They certainly dominate retail options.


@imscience: I've had an HP desktop since 2004 and an HP laptop since 2009 and have had no hardware problems with either.


@hossdawg97: I bought a desktop that had a power supply go out (though I didn't know what it was at that specific time) at 11pm on what actually turned out to be the last day of warranty. The next day I determined it was a power supply, called in morning and was told "sorry, but your warranty period has expired" Sure, a power supply is fairly cheap (as long as it isn't an HP supply, with all of their silly proprietary connectors) IT WAS ONE DAY OUT OF WARRANTY, there was NO CUSTOMER SERVICE!

I wouldn't expect it to change either! As long as you know that going in, you don't have much to lose!


@imscience: I'm unsure, but because of my first-hand experience with them I now downvote every HP item I see. Seriously, with the grief I went through dealing with them + time + patience + misinformation + inconvenience(2 months of it) + cell phone minutes + frustration + no-one-at-HP-knows-wtf-is-happening = they really should have paid me when they returned my laptop to me. Also it died again about a year later shortly out of my 2 year warranty.



Kinda funny how there's a server error when I click on the link.

For those with an office depot near them.
-Go to
-Search " g7 1261nr "
-Check availability near you
It was available at 9 of the 10 closest to me and is only available for instore pickup :(

Kinda crappy how woots prices are kinda crappy


When HP works, it works good.

If you happen to get the one that goes all black screen on you then the only thing HP support does is actually mute the phone before they start laughing.

They'll take it back to repair but it will cost more than the machine is worth.

But, maybe you'll get one of the good ones. I didn't and will not ever take that chance again.


i've never had a problem with HP/Compaq and I've had a LOT of them. I get a new laptop every year or so, same for both my desktops and another one for the office.

As for the person whose computer failed and complaining about warranty. The warranty is either expired or not expired... yours was expired when you called. There's no gray area, there either IS warranty or ISN'T and there is an absolute date when it changes from IN to OUT. Get over it.


@skrutinizr: I've had three and swore by them until that last one.

When you watch a laptop you never dropped or mistreated transform into a glorified paper weight overnight your outlook becomes... jaded.. :)

The odds of me getting another one like that is, statistically, non-existent but.. Well, you know.