dealschemistry e-textbooks until 7/12/12 for $0.00…


Mostly pretty introductory stuff but it's free!


As seen on "Breaking Bad"!


Ive downloaded all the files and merged them into one PDF for people who don't want to hit all the links and have a folder of files:


@hammurabi1337: Great!! How big is the file? I've tried to download it three times, and it gets to about 2mb and then quits, saying "the operation cannot be completed". I will try again tomorrow. Thanks!


@bnbsouthworth: I just downloaded it at 12.46MB and it opened just fine.

Hopefully you'll be able to get above 2MB tomorrow!


I checked em out but they're not for me. I never was too good at that "cipherin" stuff in school. Took me til 8th grade to learn most of the "goesintas". Shortly thereafter I discovered alcohol and wimmins and just gave up.


It sits at 12.75MB here. After I spent a half hour doing the downloads I figured Id link 'em together for you guys. Happy learning!


@hammurabi1337: It worked like a charm this time -- much faster download. Maybe it was just a traffic jam on the info superhighway! Thanks again!