dealsbuy 2 get 1 free on pre-owned games


Sounds like a good deal, but their prices are already too high on used games. You could get the same deal just buying 3 used titles off amazon, or even better of your local craigslist


Exactly, who charges $34.99 for a used copy of Black Ops?


Yeah their prices are ridiculously high for used. Not a good deal.


Honestly, let them charge these ridiculous prices ... I have benefitted a few times selling them games cause they pay more than other places. Haha not sure who is buying these games but overall it just seems like awful business on Best Buy's behalf


Like any deal similar to this, there are specific ways to take the most advantage. Some games are priced very well. For example, God of War III, Killzone 3, and Assassins Creed Brotherhood are all $9.99, so you could get all three games for $20. Here is a link to 10 games that are on sale this week:


@mrkmo: They need to change the name to Worst Buy.